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Too big?  Too small?  A feminist can never be just right.

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Let’s critique feminist scope.

“You’re asking for too much. That’s not reasonable.” “That is such a little thing to complain about. You’re too easily offended.” Scope critiques may be second only to tone critiques among criticism of feminist...

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God in the Moss

November 1 is the deadline for the annual Exponent II essay contest.  We are so excited to read your submissions and publish the essays in the Winter 2017 issue of Exponent II.  The winner...


My Jams

   A lot of things lately have made me feel powerless: difficult changes in my Singles Branch, the whole political situation, some pretty major reminders that patriarchy is alive and well, choices some of...

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Unwilling Sacrifices

I know I’m about a year too late for this to be news, but I recently watched Suffragette with my family. Snuggled up under a warm comforter and popcorn in hand, I was expecting a feel-good,...

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You Can’t Go Home Again

A week ago, I went home. Well, to one of the many homes I’ve had… I went home to my alma mater, my college. Or what used to be my college. When I attended,...