Author: Amelia

Sexist Benevolent Patriarchy 241

On the Sexist Nature of Benevolent Patriarchy

Last Friday Modern Mormon Men featured two alternative viewpoints on patriarchy: “modern patriarchy” and “reluctant patriarchy.” I was wary of reading the piece on “modern patriarchy” based on a couple of quotes I’d already seen...


A Gospel of Love

Recently I was listening to Krista Tippett’s On Being (a favorite public radio show of mine); her guest Kate Braestrup (a chaplain to the game wardens in the parks and forests of Maine) made...


Book Review: Magdalene by Moriah Jovan

Power, prostitution, sex, revenge, and . . . a Mormon bishop?  I was intrigued.  How could a romance, complete with explicit sex, involve a Mormon bishop as its hero?  I confess that was the...