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Sacred Music: She Is Wisdom

When I heard earlier this year that the Heavenly Mother art contest was not receiving as many submissions as it had hoped, I decided to try my hand at writing lyrics for a hymn. ...

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Survey for Carol Lynn Pearson

Dear Readers,  I’ve been working with my friend and respected Mormon poet, author, and playwright, Carol Lynn Pearson on a survey to gauge how people really feel about the idea of polygamy in the next...

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Sacrament Meeting Talk on Faith . . . Crises

Over the last eight and a half years or so, I have been on quite the faith journey. My journey has included what is often referred to as a “faith crisis”, which crisis has been a huge trial and source of pain. It has not been an easy road, and it is certainly not one that I would recommend for anyone, However, I have learned a lot from my faith crisis and have gained knowledge, understanding, moments of peace and love, and perspectives that I would not have otherwise found. I have learned to be much less judgmental towards those who struggle or who I may disagree with.

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Birth Series Intro- New Year’s Baby

When I tell someone my birthday is January 1st, I get one of two responses. A. “How exciting! You’re a New Year’s baby! Did you get money or gifts?” B. “How sad for your...

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Mormon Women Bare

Despite the inconvenience of an 8 AM Sunstone session this past July, my friend Katrina Barker Anderson delivered a compelling and beautiful presentation about her recent art project, Mormon Women Bare.  If you haven’t...


How Big is Your Brave?

Being a Mormon Feminist, or nearly any kind of human, sometimes requires bravery. At the Sophia Gathering last June, a few friends showed me this  lyric video, based on the song Brave by Sara Bareilles....


fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship Fund Drive

Guest Post by Stephanie at fMh If you haven’t heard around the ‘nacle– The fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship fund drive is in full force! They will be having give-aways all week, so donate now...