Author: Rachel


I Was Pleased To Labor There

Real talk (because it’s the only kind I want to do these days): There was a moment during my son’s birth when I thought that I was dying, and if I wasn’t, wanted to....


Seventeen Times I Felt Reverence.

(Inspired by a beautiful part in a beautiful book, 100 Birds Taught Me To Fly, called, “Twelve Times I Prayed.”) My sister, C, holding my baby, singing, “I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering under...



After creation, the Mother knew sorrow–the emptiness that comes after fullness, the softness that remains for a long time.


A Matriarchal Blessing

(A written prayer, a sort of love letter.) Dear Søren, I bless you with the love I have for you as your mother, my faith in Jesus, and the hints of priestesshood that are...


On The Rawness of Birth and Mother’s Bodies

Once upon a time, almost exactly a year ago, I found myself standing before an exhibit at Tate Modern, in London, sobbing. The second part of this isn’t entirely unusual. I am someone who cries,...