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When I was a kid I took cello lessons. These lessons were offered in the local RLDS (now Community of Christ) chapel. I remember seeing pictures on the wall of women participating in blessings...


Always learning

Last night I learned that ‘anyways‘ isn’t a thing that should be said: Then we have “anyways,” a colloquial corruption of “anyway.” It’s universally considered nonstandard and should be avoided altogether. It might help...

my miserable coned cat 11

Darn Cat

My cat got in a fight. The cat that lives across the street (I have dubbed him Neighborcat) is big orange tom just like my kitty. They’ve had a ongoing feud ever since we...

Cars 26

Racer’s Choice

All the planets aligned and one of our dearest feminist fantasies has come true. My activity day girls got to participate in the pinewood derby.