A shrine priestess and her little sister

When I was a kid I took cello lessons. These lessons were offered in the local RLDS (now Community of Christ) chapel. I remember seeing pictures on the wall of women participating in blessings and feeling uncomfortable. There was also a smug sense of superiority– I knew better than to think that women could offer blessings.

Sometimes I wish I could have a nice long conversation with 12 year old me. I would tell her all sorts of things. One of the things I would tell her is that feeling superior to others is very rarely a good thing. Another thing I would tell her is to watch Inuyasha. No really.

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Always learning

Last night I learned that ‘anyways‘ isn’t a thing that should be said:

Then we have “anyways,” a colloquial corruption of “anyway.” It’s universally considered nonstandard and should be avoided altogether. It might help to remember that “anyway” is an adverb, and adverbs can’t be plural.

I tend to use that word rather a lot and am disappointed to learn that it isn’t considered good English. Two years ago I didn’t know what the oxford comma was. Now I do, and my life is better for it.

When I was a kid my siblings and I used to tell one another to ‘keep your cotton-picking fingers off’ of our stuff. I was in high school when I realized the racist origin of that phrasing, and I haven’t used it since.

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Darn Cat

my miserable coned cat

my miserable coned cat

My cat got in a fight. The cat that lives across the street (I have dubbed him Neighborcat) is big orange tom just like my kitty. They’ve had a ongoing feud ever since we moved in. A couple weeks ago ago we were awoken by the dulcet sounds of a cat fight right under our bedroom window. I caught my cat and checked him for wounds but found nothing that looked too drastic. Unfortunately two days later my cat had a foot more than double its normal size and I took him to the vet.

The vet installed a drain, prescribed antibiotics, and the cat came home in a cone. To add insult to injury he also put the cat on house arrest until he was healed. This cat is a very vocal cat, and a very particular cat. When something bothers him he yowls- not meows- yowls constantly.

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Getting Things Done… with Dolores.

For Christmas we got a gift certificate to a book store, and my husband and I split the money. I bought a book on writing Kanji and “Survival Japanese.” My Husband bought a book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. He isn’t especially interested in having a high powered career, but he has heard lots of good things about the book and was interested in what it had to say.

I was curious about the book, though I have a hard time taking self-proclaimed “Productivity Guru’s” seriously. When he used the word “workaday” in the first paragraph I nearly put the book down and never looked back. I also can’t read the title without adding “With Dolores” to the end of it, surely I can’t be the only one with this affliction.

Anyways, while most of the books advice is geared towards high powered individuals trying to get a handle on their careers I found that it has a fair amount of rather practical advice.

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