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Royal Wedding 19

What do Wedding Vows Mean Anyway?

That’s the question, “What do wedding vows mean anyway?” We are thoroughly in wedding and anniversary season and it’s all over my social media feeds. Wedding preparations, wedding photos, throwback anniversary photos. Everywhere! This,...

My Rainbow shawl won honorable mention at the county fair in 2011. 12

Rainbow Mormon Initiative

I moved to California in 2010, two years after Proposition 8. Previously, I had lived in Provo for school. Proposition 8 had forced 3 of my friends from my home stake to come out...

Screenshot preview of the CHI-ki 15

LDS Church Brings More Transparency Through Technology

It has been leaked that this conference weekend, the Church will be rolling out a new way for church members to be involved in the creation and approval of policies through a new resource,...