April Young Bennett

April Young Bennett is an advocate, mother, professional, lover of the arts, hater (but doer) of housework and seeker of truth. Twitter: @aprilyoungb

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  1. Tim Rollins says:

    A major STEP in the right direction, but only a STEP. There must be guarantees — with real teeth in them — that ensure that the firewalls between Title IX and Honor Code be absolute and non-flexible.

    In addition, both offices must be in separate buildings so as to respect and assure the privacy of all involved.

    Lastly, two more items: (1), any men who work in either office (Title IX or Honor Code) should not be allowed to serve either in a bishopric, high council, or a stake presidency on conflict of interest grounds; and

    (2), if Vernon L. Heperi is still employed by BYU in any capacity — having been the bane of existence of many a BYU student over the last generation — with his notoriety for his inquisitiorial-style questioning that crosses the line into the pornographic, then ‘Hep’, who is CLEARLY a well-known liability to the good name of BYU, must be either retired or otherwise put out to pasture…

    I’m Tim Rollins, and I approved this statement in keeping with Rollins’ Rule #1, that one need never apologize for the truth, as it will always stand on its own. ***

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