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Lovingkindness and Face Painting

In 2010, I started reading the Old Testament. I had read many parts of it before, but never straight through to completion. I came across the word lovingkindness while reading the Psalms and thought...

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Choosing the Crisis

I’m preparing to teach a local writing workshop, a six-week class to help some fellow writers create short pieces about a personal life event. To help me jog the faraway parts of people’s memories, I turned...

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Sudden Spiritual Bursts

For the past couple of months, I’ve struggled to write for my monthly blog slot. I think I skipped last month. I’ve been in a bit of spiritual drought not unlike that of Lynette’s post on... 7

Memories from a Recipe: Chocolate Cake

This past Sunday morning, I got a text from a friend. Her husband had died unexpectedly of a heart attack that morning. He was 48. I offered what I always offer when a death...