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Dear Sister Sassy: Visiting Teaching Dilemma

Sister Sassy is The Exponent’s resident Agony Aunt. Her previous excellent advice can be found here. Dear Sister Sassy, My ward just rearranged the Visiting Teaching Assignments, and my list now includes a woman...

Martha 8

Valentine’s Day: Women of the Bible Edition

It is that time of year again…that last minute scramble to find the ideal way to tell someone you love how much they mean to you.  You want that perfect card: something visually beautiful...


Feminist Church, in Haiku Form

Wearing pants to church. Getting shifty eyes from the RS President. Girls, we need to talk. Modesty is not only About your shoulders. Watching Conference. Whenever they say “virtue,” I eat M&Ms.

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Tattoos and Ghost Stories

A few months ago a dear friend asked me if I had anything I’d want to contribute for a collection of essays on Primary that would be both real and uplifting. I recalled a...

Spouse of the Year: Didn't even commit adultery 35

But what if everybody has sex?

You might think that Mormons should be able to avoid having sex when we work with colleagues of the opposite sex, since many of us manage to abstain from sex with our own fiancés....