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800px-ChildrenI’m glad I ceded my usual spot to our guest post this morning because what she had to say about mediation was I think very valuable.  I am not part of the Ordain Women movement and did not attend the walk to the priesthood session.  I do believe that the ordination of women would be a good thing for many reasons.  I hope that it happens in my lifetime.  This week it has been very hard to witness the open conflict between church members online.  It seems that every time I log in I see something that upsets me and my response has been to withdraw and refuse to engage.

When I am unhappy, stressed or depressed often my response is to defuse the tension with humor, often inappropriately timed and unappreciated by others.  Maybe that will be the case today as well. However, I’ve decided to go for it anyway and make a post about the silly games my mother and I used to play in church meetings when we got bored or antsy.  After a week like this, we could all use a good laugh.  Lest you think I don’t have a speck of reverence in my body I will say that in general I pay attention and get things out of my meetings, but we all have our days.  Next time you’re at the back of stake conference sitting on the hard chairs for what feels like eternity, why not play one of the following little gems?

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An open letter to a Well-Behaved Woman: What “Frozen” is really teaching your kids

Sorry, Kathryn Skaggs.

My kids finally talked me into seeing “Frozen” (it’s school vacation week here, and we’re catching up on a lot of things that we haven’t found time for in the last few months). I had read your post about the homosexual agenda you saw so clearly in the movie, and I have to say that I looked and looked for that agenda. And I just couldn’t find it.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the movie three times. I admit that I’ve only seen it once.

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Valentine’s Day

Today I went to ShopKo to buy Valentines. Once I got there I thought “why should I pay four dollars for a card I barely even like?” I love Valentine’s Day but I resent the gouging that goes on as we’re pressured to celebrate in a specific way.  I decided to help out my Exponent sisters by providing you with some Exponent-y Valentines.  I’d had this idea for about two weeks but realized that I have neither the programs nor the ability to do some fancy-shmancy photoshop.  So this is the product of me, Paintbrush and an evening in my jammies watching the Olympics.

Eliza R. Snow:

Eliza R. Snow valentine






You, single? The thought makes reason stare!


Emma Hale Smith:

emma valentine






I elect me to be your lady!


Lucy Mack Smith:

lucy mack val






Sitting next to you is always heaven to me!


From the Exponent II:

Exponent valentine






My love for you grows Exponent-ially!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my sisters!

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Least Likely Christmas Lyrics to Appear on Holiday Cards

Have you noticed the trend in Christmas cards? Along with a family photo, quotes and lines from Christmas songs are splashed across the card. Among the most popular are: “Peace on earth goodwill to men;” “Merry and Bright;” “Have a  holly jolly Christmas;” and that old standby, “Joy to the world.” While sitting in Sacrament meeting this past week, my warped mind got to thinking about lines from songs that are LEAST likely to wind up on a greeting card. So with apologies to the families whose images I’ve swiped from the Googles, here you are.

10. Long lay the world in sin and error pining.

Christmas2005web copy










9. You better not pout, You better not cry!

christmas copy








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“Come Ye Husbands of the Ward!”


The Exponent Retreat is a highlight of my year. This weekend we had 98 participants convene in NH and still had a wait list. I admit I was nervous that the numbers would detract from the cohesiveness.  But it did not. In fact I felt such a unity this weekend. Here are some of my favorite moments:

A discussion on Feminist Ethics with Javert & Jean Valjean as metaphors for justice and care ethics, and Mother Eve as the proactive model. Nicely done, Caroline.

Pandora’s beauty pageant story. Go Miss Congeniality!

Diane’s choir singing “Hope is a Thing with Feathers” that made me cry. And “Where Can I Turn for Peace” that made snot pour out of my nose. Sometime you need to cry til you’re hideous.

Winning the snack bet with Denise that less than 6 people would take a Pepsi from the cooler. Coke rocks.

Spiritual Autobiographies by Emily, Sarah, and Julie. Soul enlarging and life changing. And funny.

A thorough discussion of Ordain Women where there was much disagreement but nobody said “I think we’re all trying to say the same thing” in that irritating RS way. Because we’re not saying the same thing. It’s not just ok to take different approaches, it’s vital. Mormon feminists are not a monolith. Suzette made me question my assumptions. Thank you.

And now I want to toot my own horn and say that I am particularly proud of the song I rewrote for the talent show.  I’ve thought a lot about how often we are patronized as women and how lame the excuses are for such treatment. Seriously. Sometimes I think women are put on pedestals just so dudes can try to look up our skirts. So here is my own slice of condescension to the tune of “Come Ye Children of the Lord.”(here’s a slideshow I put together to an audio of our rehearsal)

Come ye husbands of the ward,

You are precious to the Lord.

Being manly gives you worth

Even though you can't give birth.

Changing flat tires! Mowing lawns!

Your true strength is in your brawn!

Hearken unto your wife's voice;

Adam followed Eve's wise choice.

Oh how special are the men.

Never doubt your worth again.

Teaching boys to make a fire,

Looking modest in Sunday attire.

For your skills you are revered!

Only men can grow a beard!

Guard your virtue with your life;

For that is cherished by your wife.

When on Kolob women preside,

Men will be right by our side.

Never fear you're second rate;

We need your sperm to procreate.

You are vital to the plan!

Father Son and Brother Man!

Something tells me it is true

You are in Gods image too.

I hope that puts a smile on your face. Next time someone tells you we don't know about Heavenly Mother because she's just too special, feel free to share my ditty with them. But you don't have to twerk during the sperm part. That's just for the Retreat.

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From the Uncanonized Gospels, Chapter 1

1 And it came to pass that as we approached the meetinghouse, even though it were for a piano recital and not on the day of worship, my daughter did turn to me and say, You know what I really like about anything involving church? There’s always a treat afterward.

2 And yea, verily, there were treats, many of them wrought of fine chocolate.

3 In these days there have been seventeen of our beloved families who have gone unto parts unknown to us, and many of them did beseech the Elders Quorum for assistance, which assistance the Elders and even some of the High Priests did readily give. Yea, and the visiting teachers did publicize the time and date of the final apartment-cleanings, and the women came in abundance, some with their nursing children, and they did scour and clean and make merry.

4 And what is more, a young child did present himself before the followers of God on the Sabbath day, to bear testimony of the truths that burned within his heart. Now the child was quick of speech and did mumble, and the disciples did turn one to another and wonder at his speech and the meaning of it. And though they did not understand his words, the Holy Spirit touched their hearts and they lifted up their voices and said, Amen.

5 And again, the day we forgot to bring the diaper bag to church, indeed there were offerings of many types of diapers, and also toys, and wet wipes, and books to keep the smallest among us from raising his voice, but not in worship.

6 And I cried to the interwebs with a loud voice, saying, Though I put not my faith in the arm of man, neither in the arm of woman, but in the strong arm of Christ,

7 Yet do I depend upon and delight in the small and simple tendencies or habits of those who would be Saints, and rejoice in them. Amen.

What are your favorite Mormon habits? What are some of the quirky latter-day traditions that make you feel comfortable (or not) in your ward?

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