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Guest Post: Virgin Sex

by AmyPH Amy is a Mormon mother of three from Massachusetts. “Virgin Sex” is the result of a Moth Radio Hour-type monologue exercise. Mormon young women are taught to guard their personal home plate...


The Animals of the Doctrine and Covenants

This year we are studying Doctrine and Covenants and Church History in Sunday School. And a lot of our focus in on doctrine and well, covenants. But what if the focus was on cute...


Flock On!

There is the loveliest trend in Provo right now of flocking one’s Christmas tree. “Right now” might be misleading—Provo is awash in midcentury modern houses, and families have been flocking their trees since the...


Top Responses to “Do you wear your garments?”

Mormons like to talk about people’s underwear. They like to speculate about it and confront family members and friends about it. And it’s weird. Non-Mormon people don’t inquire about their friend’s/family member’s underwear habits....