1. Outstanding.

  2. WOW. Thanks for the article.

  3. Well done!

    Might I request a list of citations? You have a number of useful quotes and points in here that I would love to have handy.

    • This is a lot of work, impressive work. Great job. Loved the presentation. Please provide citations because it helps showing some facts in conversations with people who don’t like feminists or who don’t find their cause worthwhile.

      • Yes, publishing with citations is a must. ASAP. This will be quoted in years to come.

      • I added in the references. Enjoy.

  4. “Within the church he established, women are still hoping that the priesthood will be restored to us. ”

    To have something restored, it must have at one time been possessed. Due to the lack of evidence, I suggest that in this case ‘bestowed’ would be a better word than ‘restored’.

    • Did you read beyond the first paragraph, Davis?

      • I read through this and was impressed as well. It was very thorough with much care given to avoid an unduly biased tone. (So successfully that Davis could only find a pitifully trivial correction to suggest)

        You do the gymnastic dance necessary to Mormon feminism so well and have my admiration.

  5. Brilliant, April! And I just love your powerpoint. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Good thoughts. I’m guessing the question that arises that you would personally like the prophet to ask God about is – Is now the right time to restore keys of authority to the relief society and the women of the church that they might become a Kingdom of Priestesses as was in Enoch’s or Paul’s day?

    Or what does all this information mean to you?

    • Yes, I would like our leaders to prayerfully consider ordaining women.

      Here is some of what my research on this topic means to me:

      1. Limiting women to auxiliary status is not ideal for women or for the church as a whole.

      2. The ban on women in the priesthood is based on tradition, not scripture. Our traditions are based on the social constructs in which they evolved.

      3. The social context surrounding the restoration of the gospel was hostile toward women, making integrated priesthood quorums out of the question at that time. Today, our church finally has some integrated (albeit unbalanced) councils and the social context surrounding church members in most areas is no longer a barrier to integration.

      • I’m inclined to agree with your points as opinions. Or do you hold them to be facts?

        For example, in response to your points:
        1) But is it the best option right now due to reasons we may not have or may not be capable of considering at this moment?

        2) I don’t think that scriptures adequately or definitively prove that women held Priesthood authority at one point. Can we be 100% confident that this policy is only based on false traditions held at the time of the restoration, simply because they matched the traditions at the time? Might not the decision to withhold keys/authority from the Relief Society be based on a revelatory decision we are not aware of? (even if the likelihood is very small)

        3) Just because the social context may have been a barrier at the time of the restoration, does this of necessity mean it was the definitive reason quorums could not be integrated? Or might there also be a more eternal principle at play that we do not fully understand?

      • I hold all my opinions as opinions, Steve. Reasonable people may disagree.

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  8. April, you have done an amazing thing here. Thank you for the hours of research you spent composing this. I love the timeline and many references to historical precedents for women and priesthood. And thank you for your passion. This is incredibly important.

  9. April – I hardly know what to say. I’m very struck by your presentation. You have taken the topics and ideas I have thought of and talked of for a long time – and organized them beautifully. Thank you for sharing this publicly. It is bringing a little bit of Counterpoint home to me. Suzette

  10. One of the best explanatory presentations I’ve seen on this topic. Fabulous!!

  11. Amazing! I just got a chance to listen to the entire thing. LOVE it.

    Best line: “which makes one wonder if God cares about the souls of lazy men than about the souls of women who cannot tolerate inequality.” !!

    Thank you April!

  12. I saw your presentation at Counterpoint. How happy I was to have found it here. THANK YOU for sharing it. This was a powerhouse presentation and synopsis. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  13. This presentation was so well done. I learned a lot and will be coming back to it. Thank you for your excellent work, April!

  14. I am just blown away! Thank you so much for your hard work!

  15. I loved your article. Excellent points make. I will follow you!

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