Congratulations to Exponent’s Wheatie Award winners! Here are links to all of our winners.

Congratulations to Wheaties award-winners from the Exponent:

Best Contribution to Interfaith Dialogue: the Religious Feminism Podcast by April Young Bennett

Best Book/Article/Movie ReviewA second atonement: Mother’s Milk and healing a theological crack in Mormonism’s heart by guest Elizabeth Pinborough (This review covers the book, Mother’s Milk, by Exponent blogger Rachel Hunt Steenblik.)

Best Spiritual Post: Finding God Again, and Again… by Emily U

Best Current Events Post: The Errand of Angels: A Response to Sister Dalton’s YSA Address by Becca

Best Personal Post: Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Understand the Priesthood by Em

Best Mormon Facebook Community or Discussion Forum: Exponent II Facebook Group (for the second consecutive year!)


See the complete list of winners here.

April Young Bennett

April Young Bennett is an advocate, mother, professional, lover of the arts, hater (but doer) of housework and seeker of truth. Podcast: Religious Feminism Podcast Twitter: @aprilyoungb

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  1. Ziff says:

    Nice going, y’all! You’ve done so much good work this last year. The awards are richly deserved!

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