for the love of my sisters…

For the love of a tree, she went out on a limb.
For the love of the sea, she rocked the boat
For the love of the earth, she dug deeper.
For the love of community, she mended fences.
For the love of the stars, she let her light shine.
For the love of spirit, she nurtured her soul.
For the love of a good time, she sowed seeds of happiness.
For the love of the Goddess, she drew down the moon.
For the love of a good meal, she gave thanks.
For the love of family, she reconciled differences.
For the love of creativity, she entertained new possibilities.
For the love of her enemies, she suspended judgment.
For the love of herself, she acknowledged her worth.
And the world was richer for her…..
~ ~ Charlotte Tall Mountain


Jana is university administrator and History professor. Her soloblog is

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  1. Caroline says:

    Awesome poem, Jana! I love its activist message.

  2. AmyB says:

    I love this poem!

    This line:
    For the love of the Goddess, she drew down the moon.

    reminded me of a converstion with my mother-in-law a while ago. A few of us were discussing how oftentimes the sun is referred to as masculine and the moon is more tied to femininity. Someone questioned whether that could be problematic because the sun is a greater light than the moon. My mother-in-law then stated that the dimmer light of the moon allows us to see the heavens, whereas the sun is too bright and illuminates only what’s right in front of us. They each provide us with a vastly different perspective.

    I had never thought of it in that way before. I was happy to be reminded about that. 🙂

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