Heavenly Mother’s Day: God the Mother Revisited

Guest Post by Janice Allred


I first began thinking seriously about God the Mother around 1987. My sister, Margaret Toscano, was already doing work in this area, and reading her work and godtalking with her helped me to realize how important this topic is. I had always been interested in philosophical questions, which led me into theology. My first theological essay, which dealt with forgiveness, was published in 1978 in Sunstone. Several years before this I had already started developing an understanding of the Godhead that differs from the current Mormon teachings. It is based on the Book of Mormon teaching that Jesus Christ is the Eternal Father; there are not two (or three) separate male members of the Godhead. When I started thinking seriously about God the Mother, I realized that she had a place in this interpretation of the Godhead.  My first essay on God the Mother, “Toward a Mormon Theology of God the Mother,” was based on this reinterpretation of the Godhead. In this paper I proposed that the Godhead consists of two persons, the Eternal Father, who as the Son redeems us, and the Eternal Mother, who is the Holy Spirit. Since writing this paper, I have continued to develop this understanding of the Godhead. I now see God the Mother and God the Father as both fully involved in Creation, Redemption, and the work of the Holy Spirit.


A viable interpretation of a fundamental concept sheds new light on difficult questions, opens up new areas to explore, and reveals embedded structures. I have been working on the theology of God the Mother for almost thirty years and I have found abundant material in the scriptures that supports and expands my understanding. Although I have refined and expanded the ideas in “Toward a Mormon Theology of God the Mother, I still believe and continue to build on the ideas presented in it.

My work on the theology of God the Mother was originally motivated by my belief in equality and justice and my desire to incorporate these ideals into my understanding of the Godhead. My emotional connection to her and my longing to know her personally came many years later. Here I share two pieces with you that give this aspect of my quest for knowledge of the Heavenly Mother. The first is a poem I wrote for this occasion. It is inspired by Eliza R. Snow’s “O My Father.” The second is an excerpt from a presentation I gave in a 2012 Sunstone panel, “Heavenly Mother and the Letter of the Law.” Since the Church forbids us to pray to Heavenly Mother, the panelists presented letters to her. I was asked to end the session with a letter of blessing from her. The blessing is based on my study of the scriptures. I take the liberty of putting it in the voice of the Mother.



O My Mother


O my Mother, you who bore us

In that high and glorious place,

When shall I regain your presence

And again behold your face?

Will your arms again embrace me

As they did so long ago?

Will your still, small voice enfold me?

Tell me, for I long to know.


I had learned to call you Father

From the church and scriptures too,

But until the seed was planted

Veils of mystery shrouded you.

In my heart the seed is growing,

Giving me new eyes to see.

The holy books yield up their treasure;

Seeds of knowledge nourish me.


Jesus Christ, who came to save us

From the shackles of the Fall,

Revealed the way, the truth, the glory,

And your love, suffusing all.

In the heav’ns are parents equal?

Surely there you are as One,

Father, Mother, Holy Spirit,

Gracious Daughter, Savior Son.


When he comes in clouds of glory

On that long-awaited day,

Will your voice announce his presence.

When he comes to us to stay?

Will you be with us together

When the rivers roll down peace?

Will your leaves of life then heal us,

And your mercies never cease?



A Blessing


Beloved Children,


I am always with you. My spirit is in and through all things. My eyes are upon you; my voice is in your heart. My heart knows your longings and my ears hear your cries. Nothing can separate you from the love of God, which is in me and in Christ Jesus. Neither height nor depth, neither tribulation nor distress, neither persecution nor peril, neither the machinations of evil men nor the torturers of hell, neither the deceit of the crafty nor the terrors of death, neither the cares of life nor the confusion of ideologies—nothing can separate you from God’s love. My love endures. It overcomes all obstacles and brings strength out of tribulation, comfort in peril, salvation from evil, help in cares, light in darkness, and life out of death.


You wonder why I am not in the scriptures. I am God and when they speak truly of God, they teach of me and they are inspired by me. I work in many ways to bring salvation to my children. I am in the scriptures. Look for me and you will find me.


With My Beloved I created the earth. My form is in the fire that transforms all things. I move with the wind and she whispers with my voice. The mountains are my home. They remain holy and bring the solace of eternity. The rocks are my companions and the hills love my feet. My rain is tender and gently gives life; my dew distills and quietly blesses.  My fountains are everlasting springs of life. My rivers carry gifts and my oceans surround and protect all life. I am in the sun, the moon, and the stars that give you light. My trees yield their fruit and my grains sustain life. I am the fold of the lamb and the lair of the lion. I delight in all my creatures; they know my voice and come when I call.


You wonder and have asked about my priesthood. My priesthood is without beginning of days or ending of years. The power of the priesthood, given to those who serve God, is in me. The power of God, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things, proceeds from the presence of God. It is the light which is in all things, which gives life to all things, which gives nature its laws and upholds and sustains worlds without number. The priesthood which is after the order of the Son, the Holy One, My Beloved, is offered to all who desire to follow him in love, truth, and service.


Beloved children, I bless you. I never leave you. My eyes are upon you. My arms are around you. My cloak covers you, and my voice whispers to your spirit. But eye has not seen and ear has not heard, neither has any heart imagined, the joy that will fill your soul when you see me with your eyes, and hear my voice with your ears, and feel my embrace, and know that I am.


Love always,

Your Mother


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8 Responses

  1. Karla says:

    Last night, my 4 year old son awoke, tears streaming down his face. I heard his cries and went to him. Sobbing, he told me he had dreamt of losing me in a crowded shopping center. He said in his dream he couldn’t see me and he thought I couldn’t hear him.

    I told him that it was just a bad dream, that of course I was with him and that I had heard him calling me. I told him I would keep talking to him so he could hear my voice and that I would keep holding him so he could feel me there with him.

    It struck me last night as I was consoling my son how much I longed to be similarly consoled by my Mother in Heaven- to hear her voice and feel her with me.

    If there is a Mother in Heaven, of course she hears our cries. But how can we hear her and know she is there? I don’t know but I hope someday I will. Thank you, Janice, for encouraging us to continue seeking Her. Your poem and blessing are salves to the soul.

  2. EmilyCC says:

    God the Mother was such a pivotal work for me and me spiritual development and my development as an aspiring theologian. I’m so glad to have some background on this work and delighted to see this blessing. Thank you so much!

  3. Leonard R says:

    I have had occasion to express my thanks via your husband, but I wanted to seize this opportunity to thank you in person. Your book remains a deeply important book, both for the excellent ideas you put forward, but also the example it set for me to allow the spirit to work unrestrained in my heart and to be open to new ideas, promptings, and inspirations, that may not fit neatly into previous packaging.

    My heart has long grieved for the personal cost you bore for the gift you gave to many of us. Please know how much it has been appreciated by many.

  4. Ziff says:

    I particularly love the hymn! Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Caroline says:

    This is beautiful, Janice! Both the hymn and the blessing are so poignant. How they resonate with me.

  6. Spunky says:

    Thank you so much for this, Janice! The hymn struck me– I think I might teach these lyrics to my daughters. It shares such a very important message.

  7. Greta says:

    Oh, such a resounding yes. Yes. YES. A wonderful woman introduced me to the idea of the Holy Spirit being our Heavenly Mother many years ago. That has been a comfort and joy many times. Your letter and hymn revitalize my belief and are tangible clarity. I am adding them to my scriptures. The words, “Thank you” seem small indeed, but please accept them. Thank you.

  1. May 7, 2015

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