Information overwhelm

Posted by on April 20, 2010 in Poetry | 4 comments

by Brooke


Exercise in Draining

I am training
to squeeze (absorb?)
from where it
is plenty
or scarce.

Sometimes it
will build up
so that I
almost burst
and I would
for certain
if you caught
me off guard.

So I get
I hold it,
and then learn
to drain it

What do you do when it feels like there’s too much information coming at you?


  1. Brooke, I can definitely see where this is coming from, given the fact that you are training professionally to deal with information in an orderly way. :)

    I have to impose limits on information, or else I’ll become overwhelmed and lose the ability to manage my time. Which is why I seldom visit other blogs other than Exponent.

  2. Duck.

    But I know I’ve become an info-junky, and I don’t mind it so much. I love learning, knowing, sensing, staying connected.

    Especially when the info experience is also beau*tiful. (Hello, iPad. Don’t you want to be my friend?)

    But often I run/walk without music, because the sounds of birds are also intoxicating.

  3. Focus. Since becoming a mom, I’ve had this foggy brain. I can’t multi-task or carry on a coversation anymore.

  4. Brooke, I like your last word “properly.” I don’t think my exercise in draining is ever done properly.

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