On long-term family planning

Posted by on July 21, 2009 in Poetry | 6 comments

by Brooke

G’s recent post on baby things in the goodwill pile inspired me to post this poem. It’s a first draft from my poetry month goal. What do you think it needs? more concrete images?

On long-term family planning

You once had
an aspiration
most people would balk at.

But who knew it would be so painful
to create
draining your daylight
to maintain the roles you created.

the steady drag
of the daily duties
of living (let’s not even mention
the worst ones
like eating
and sleeping
getting in the way
heavy eyelids and
hunger pangs—
they interrupt
and are difficult

You are changed.
But you are not someone else.
To stop before you thought you would
is not damning.


  1. This speaks to me quite directly as it stands, Brooke. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I love this too, Brooke.

    I wish I had something more substantive to say – I suck at critiquing poetry. :)

  3. Before our new little #2 was born my husband I told people we would have between 2 and 8 kids. Today I think 2 is just fine.

    Love your words.

  4. Thanks, people. :)

  5. oh brooke, I just barely saw this! It’s beautiful. it’s going in my book. thank you.

  6. – satu tahun gak kerasa, maka dua puluh tahun dan sesuretnya, akan kalian jalani serta menjadi salah satu pioneer fotografi Indonesia yang mempunyai sisi pengelihatan dan pengambilan imaji yang berbeda, akan gw tunggu nama kalian terpampang di majalah prestisius dunia, keep up the Good Work mate !

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