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Woman Writing a Letter by Kaigetsudō Doshin
Woman Writing a Letter by Kaigetsudō Doshin
Woman Writing a Letter by Kaigetsudō Doshin

Woman Writing a Letter
by Kaigetsudō Doshin

The Exponent welcomes guest posts. Appropriate topics relate to feminism, the Mormon faith or both. You must provide your real name and email address for your post to be considered. Your email address will not be published and your name will be shared only if you want it to be.

On the first line of your post content, please write your real name. (If you do not choose to be identified by your full name publicly, we will delete your full name from the first line prior to posting.)

On the second line, write, “By [your moniker].” Your moniker is how you wish to be identified on the public website. You may choose to be identified by your full name, your first name only, a pseudonym, or as “Anonymous.” 

On  the third line, write a one or two sentence bio, telling Exponent readers a little about you.  If you have your own blog or website, you are welcome to link to it.

On the fourth line, begin the text of your post. A typical post is about 400-1,200 words long.  We recommend writing your post on your own word processor and saving it, then copying and pasting it into the online submission box.  That way, if anything happens to the Internet connection or the submission during the process, you will not lose your writing.

All posts must include an image.  The image must be no larger than 3000 x 3000 pixels, or the website will not accept the submission. Please abide by copyright restrictions. A photo you have taken yourself is a good choice. Images in the public domain are also good options. (Some websites that offer public domain or unrestricted images include, and Follow their guidelines to find images you may use.)

An automatic message will immediately appear on the website to tell you if your submission went through.  Later, an Exponent permablogger will contact you and inform you of whether it has been accepted for publication.

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  1. Dear Exponent,

    I just submitted a guest post “Worldwide LDS Humanitarian Needs Your Help Today!” I hope you will seriously consider posting it on behalf of girls and women who need our help. Also, you should be aware that I am submitting this same post to several different blogs to spread the word.

    Thank you,

    Ruth Anne Shepherd
    Silicon Valley Women Board Member

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  3. Fidel says:

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