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Giving Tuesday 7

The Exponent’s Favorite Charities for Giving Tuesday

We’re all familiar with Black Friday and lately, Cyber Monday is gaining popularity, but I’ve been super excited about Giving Friday the past couple years. #GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back...

Penny people by Kate Killary 4

Guest Post: Penny of Time

by Sheila Sheila has been completing small acts of service with her children every day for a month and journaling those experiences on the “Pennies of Time” blog. A month ago, I decided to...

Feeding of the Multitude, Duc de Berry 14

Feeding the Multitude

This past fall, our stake president introduced me to a new way to look at the miracles of Jesus feeding the multitude, which I wanted to share here. The feeding of the multitude is...