Heavenly Mother’s Day: Sunrise on a Yearning Female Soul

Guest post by Domestic Philosopher
Sunrise on a Yearning Female Soul
Cold bears down.
I fall upon my knees in prayer.
Enduring, hollow winds that fill these my broken bones and empty spaces.
I grieve in silence, “Father, where is my Mother?”
Minutes pass, these endless seasons.
My winter-minutes leaving me alone.
Still I pray, I pray and watch.
The signs of life and subtle embers, warmth is sure to come …
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Heavenly Mothers Day: My Absentee Heavenly Parent

Many women—and men—yearn for our heavenly mother.

I don’t. When I believe in her at all, I tend to resent my absentee heavenly parent, just as an abandoned child would resent an earthly parent that doesn’t communicate with her child.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has taught that “We improve our relationship with our Heavenly Father by learning of Him, by communing with Him.” Reference A

If this is how strong relationships with deity are formed, it is obvious why I don’t have a healthy relationship with my heavenly mother, if she exists. I don’t learn about her in my Sunday meetings and communing with her through prayer is expressly forbidden.

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Heavenly Mothers Day: BYU Heavenly Mother Art Show, May 8, 2015

Guest Post by Katie Payne

Katie just graduated with an MFA from Brigham Young University, and is about to move across the continent to start a new adventure with her
husband. She loves art, dill pickle dip, and long walks. Her personal website is www.katie-payne.com


My art over the last few years has tended to focus on my experience as a woman, especially as a Mormon woman. Most recently, I have created a large exhibition focusing on Heavenly Mother. The whole project started soon after I got married and moved to a foreign country with my husband. Unable to talk to my own mother on a regular basis, I felt that something was lacking. I started thinking more about my relationship with my mother, and since I had recently gone to the temple for the first time, about my relationship to the divine.


This thinking left me wondering about my Mother in Heaven. Where was she? Why didn’t we ever talk about her? I remembered a lesson in seminary where I was told that the reason we don’t talk about her is that she is so special and sacred. Just as we don’t talk about the sacred ceremonies of the temple, we should also refrain from giving too much attention to our sacred Mother in Heaven. I also heard that God didn’t want us to take her name in vain, so we couldn’t ever know her name.

DSC_0184 (2)

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Introducing our Heavenly Mother’s Day Series

CW: Suicidal thoughts

I moved to Oakland five years ago. One of my first outings in the Bay Area was a gathering at Carol Lynn Pearson’s house where she gave each of us copies of her play, Mother Wove the Morning. It sat on my shelf for months because I didn’t want to open up Heavenly Mother-less wound I had.

When I finally read it, half a year later, I discovered that I was right in that it was an intense experience. I loved reading it and yet I ached. I wanted a relationship with Heavenly Mother, but I didn’t know how. Unfortunately the bigger question for me was “why.” Why should I have a relationship with Her?

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The Tree of Life

Mother Earth – Caitlin Connolly | A Mother Here Art and Poetry Contest

When Jesus was sorrowful,
and very heavy,
He cried, Mommy.
She came unto Him
from heaven,
strengthening Him.

Even after they parted,
She tarried with Him,
and watched;
His friends could not
stay awake one hour.

When Jesus was on the cross,
His Father might have been
in the farthest reaches of heaven,
for sorrow, and solace.

His Mother might have been
right there, the Tree of Life,
branches holding Him–
a weeping willow.

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