We Are Putting Our Eggs in the Wrong Basket

In the wake of Kate Kelly’s excommunication a lot has been said about the proper way to do things, the proper way to ask questions, the proper way to advocate for change. As someone who is interested in making changes regarding gender in the Mormon church my ears perk up at these suggestions–I would love to know the most effective way to see progress.

The most concrete suggestion has been to seek for changes on a local level. I don’t think this is a bad idea, there are so many little things that can be done in our local congregations that would make women’s experience in church much better.

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God Recognizes the Matriarchy

Last Sunday in Sunday School, we discussed the book of Judges. As a Mormon feminist, my normal instinct is to turn to the Deborah chapters and start chattering away on prophetesses and female judges. However, our teacher started with a different story that turned my world upside down. I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten very far in my Old Testament reading this year and I had never heard of the annunciation experience of Samson’s mother. This was an entirely new story to me!

I’ll give a short summary, but you can read it in full in Judges 13.

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From the Backlist: Favorite Quotes by Women about Leadership

Nobody-cares-if-you-cant-dance-well.-Just-get-up-and-dance.-Great-dancers-are-not-great-because-of-their-technique-they-are-great-because-of-their-passion-Martha-Graham-quoteApril: My daughter’s PTA just sent an email saying they are decorating her school with quotes about leadership. The email listed 17 quotes and asked if anyone had any other quotes to suggest. All 17 quotes are by men. I think I need to make a lot of suggestions to balance it out. Anyone have any fave quotes by women about leadership? It looks like anything related to vision, hard work or integrity counts.

Deborah:  This is from a rotating list of quotes I used to have in up in my classroom:

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Sacred Music: “Be strong! Stand up! Lead out!”

Sacred Music: “Be strong! Stand up! Lead out!”

General Women's MeetingIn a few weeks, Mormon women will attend General Women’s Meeting.  This will be the first General Women’s Meeting in many years, but not the first ever.  The return to the old  format has brought back memories for me. When I was 12 years old, I sang in the choir at General Women’s Meeting, alongside my mother and my Primary-aged sister.  We sang three musical numbers, one for each auxiliary represented. The songs were designed to complement the talk given by that auxiliary leader.

Young Women Program: Come Hold Your Torches High I like the way this song encourages young women to be bold and powerful: “Be strong! Stand up! Lead out!”  And musically, I like how the director took advantage of her multi-generational choir and had adult voices echo youth.

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Guest Post: The Cost of Volunteer Hours in the Church’s Cub Scouting Program

uniformsby Nate Curtis
Nate is an economist and EmilyCC’s spouse and co-Cubmaster. He wrote this post as a response to her “Institutionalized Gender Inequality Starts in the Church at Age 8.”

Money is a standard measure for a unit of energy. It doesn’t matter who invests that money/energy, the fact is that the church standard is that the energy must be invested in the boys and not in the girls.

Keeping in mind that money is energy, lets take a deeper look at EmilyCC’s analysis.

Cub Scouts

Hard costs: $150 (this is a conservative estimate that does not take into account the number of lost books, outgrown shirts, neckerchief slides, neckerchiefs, and on and on). Some have argued that stakes and wards do not foot this entire bill. But, the Church has implemented a program that requires someone to pay for these items and does not ask anyone to do the same for girls.

Labor costs: The Church Scouting Handbook (search “LDS Scouting Handbook 2012”) calls for 14 people per ward for each cub scout pack.

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