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On White Man’s Burden

In the aftermath of recent happenings in Charlottesville, I’ve been sad and feeling powerless. I’m wrestling with my whiteness and what it means about my responsibility as a citizen of planet earth. In this...


A Brief Syllabus on Whiteness

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, I’ve seen my academic friends reposting crowd-sourced syllabi on various topics around racism and hate in America. If you want to learn more about a contemporary topic, you can...


Facing the Racism in Mormonism

Guest post by Molly Hogan Years ago, I attended an after church choir practice. Our choir conductor, Cathy Stokes, was attempting to teach a small group of multigenerational white Mormons the proper way to...


What Will Save Us?

Back in April, I walked over to a house–– in a neighborhood not too far from where I lived–– to pick up keys from a family I was going to be housesitting for. When I...


Not Your Grandma’s Racism

When browsing through Facebook yesterday, I came across several articles that said that Millennials (those born approximately after 1980) are about as racist as the older generations. What the what?