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A quick round-up of Mormon women’s voices around the web (and other interesting links):

  1. A great article about the makings of a Catholic-Mormon marriage, and what it means to show respect for religion both directions. I have a vested interested in hearing people’s interfaith marriage stories.
  2. Congratulations to Jana . . . may good things continue to travel your way.
  3. A vintage FMH Lisa story.
  4. I love Tracy, but I may love her little boy even more.
  5. Vada: “How Presiding Works in My Marriage”
  6. SLTrib: “Mormon Author Tells of her Trip to Heaven”
  7. Curtains up on Margaret Young’s “I Am Jane”
  8. University of Chicago Professor Catherine Brekus explores portrayal of LDS women in history
  9. Californians: Go hear Kristine Haglund and Sheila Taylor next weekend . . .
  10. And stay tuned on this site for some exciting news about the Exponent Magazine!


  1. Deborah, Thanks for including my guest Segullah post in your roundup! And I just linked over to your five-years-in post, and ohhh, did that resonate. I’m excited to follow up on the links you added, and really, honestly, just relieved to find another voice (or set of voices) on interfaith marriage. I’ve felt, well, a little like the odd one out. What a lovely thing to find I’m not as “odd/out” as I thought. Thanks again, Deja.

  2. My pleasure, Deja — I love hearing the stories of others on this path!

  3. Thank you for these links Deborah. Having pulled back from my online perusals, I would have missed most of them otherwise.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    I was wondering if we could exchange emails? I have a few questions on how you (inwardly/outwardly) respond to some of the ick comments in regards to interfaith marriages. Would you mind?

    I think you have my email (since I entered it to make the comment), but if not: dejadotearleyatgmaildotcom.



  5. You mean like that crazy your-marriage-is-doomed-to-failure comment on your post? Yeah, loves those. I’ll send you an e-mail :)

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