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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. If you happen to see blue pinwheels in a park or on the lawn of a courthouse this month, they represent every child who has been a victim...


Book Review: Silent Souls Weeping

Around the year 2002, my husband and I attended Sacrament Meeting together in our BYU single’s ward. The visiting speaker that day was from the high council, and he spoke extensively about overcoming depression...


How @HonorCode Stories Will Change BYU

Individually, as people add their stories, whether huge outrages or minor irritants, there is healing. Every time one of us “likes” a story, we are saying to the victim, I hear you. I support you. You are literally counted.


Playing the Music of Our Lives

A Lenten Offering as we begin Holy Week.   I am called to a meeting where a musical score is introduced.  It is the story of our lives, I am told, complete with movements,...