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A Curriculum of Stale Chips

Note: This is fourth in a series about teaching. Click to read Part 1: The Incredible Power of a Teacher, Part 2: Creating a Community of Belonging, and Part 3: When Trauma Appears at...

Cardboard sign reads "Love over Hate." flowers and stuffed animals pile around the sign. 7

Today is the Day

Today, people will send thoughts and prayers. Today, people will plead for unity. And tomorrow, we’ll have another mass shooting.


Hot Tubs and Doctrinal Discord

This post mentions sexual abuse. Recently I went to Utah for work and was reminded of the peculiarities of our people. One evening, after my meetings ended, I ran out and grabbed a smothered...


The Holy Ghost as an Ambassador

My fourth child was recently baptized and he asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. This has actually been my role four times and works well for me because I’m not...