Ordain Women Launch: April 6, 2013

Ordain Women Launch

Ordain Women Launch



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  1. Matt says:

    My sisters,

    I love that you are seeking this. It makes total sense to me. It’s 13th Article of Faith stuff.

    I hope you succeed. I hope the power of God multiplies.

    You are awesome. Anything that expands your contribution to the Church is welcome.

    I know countless brilliant women who would make inspiring leaders and counselors. Some of them already are informal counselors to me.

    However this all turns out, we can do better. We can do better at respecting you and the unique skills, creativity, genius, and wisdom you bring to the table. We can do better at honoring your power. We can do better at holding hands through the stormy seas of life.

    We can do better at letting you define your own paths to fulfillment in life, whether career-based, family-based, or some mix of the two.

    We can involve you better in meetings. In callings & assignments. In management of sacrament meeting. In guiding the spiritual affairs of the wards and stakes. In contributing at General Conference.

    We should involve you more in the ecclesiastical process of repentance, allowing you to counsel with fellow sisters who understand your needs. You shouldn’t have to discuss private, uncomfortable things with men. It is wrong.

    I hope those in power are not dismissive to you. I hope they ponder this, and seriously consider the great good that will come of your ordination.

  2. nat kelly says:

    Looks like a great event! One of those moments where I have a sadistic wish to live back in Utah so I could easily attend. 🙂

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