2017 Year in Review

Phew! 2017 is almost over. From reading other Year in Review posts around the web, it seems that 2017 has been rough on a lot of people. And that’s the same here, it’s been rough, but we’ve also had some great moments.

The most difficult part of the year for us was when we discovered misappropriation of our Exponent funds. However, the community has been supportive as we have been working to correct this wrong.

New for the Exponent II:

Illuminating Ladies, a coloring book of Mormon women. Here is the announcement of its arrival. And you can buy it here!

Speaking of new items in our store, you can buy stickers!

2017 is also the year that The Religious Feminism podcast has entered the scene. Show notes are under the “Religious Feminism” tag here at the blog. Check it out on iTunes and leave us a review so that others can find the podcast, too!

On the blog, we are very close to finishing all the lessons plans for the YW lessons.

Also, we dug out the Gospel Principles plans from the archive and aggregated them under the “Lessons” tab in our banner up there so they are easier to find.

We will continue to work on the RS plans for the upcoming year. With the new format, we’ll be publishing as many lesson plans on as many conference talks as we can early in the year. They’ll show up in the Relief Society Lesson section of the Lessons Tab as soon as possible.

We got 6 new bloggers this year! They are Courtney, DaniWendy, Becca, Chiaroscuro, and Aly. Click on their names to find their posts.

This image is from one of Wendy’s guest posts. To see more images of Mormon women at the Women’s Marches, click here.

Top Posts of 2017

5. Guest Post: Temple Recommend, by Anonymous

4. Becca’s Songs of a Fat Mormon Woman

3. Virginal Sex, a guest post by Anonymous

2. Liz’s My Ninety-Five Theses for Today’s Mormon Church

1. Facing the Racism in Mormonism, a guest post by Molly Hogan

Most Commented on Posts

5. Guest Post: Guardians of the First Veil

4. Em’s Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Understand the Priesthood

3. April Young Bennett’s Q&A: Why aren’t Mormon feminists thrilled with the new LDS temple baptistry policy?

2. Liz’s My Ninety-Five Theses for Today’s Mormon Church

1. Violadiva’s Temple Doctrine and church culture: It’s bad but it’s {not?} getting better.

Top Search Terms

One of these is a bit …. hmmm… We might be getting traffic we don’t normally cater to!

5. relief society lesson helps

4. the exponent

3. amazon

2. mother’s day hymns, hymns for mother’s day, mothers day hymns, hymns for mothers day

1. Virgin sex, sex virgin


As always, we welcome guest posts – in fact, guest posts are up there as some of the most viewed and commented on. And don’t forget to submit articles or artwork to the magazine. Remember that we are only the Internet-facing aspect of the Exponent II. We are here to support the magazine- go renew or buy a subscription!


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7 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    Hmm that last search term isn’t… well… I just have a dream that somebody will google that (looking for something smutty) and then come upon our site and have a wonderful change of heart that will lead them to respect women and join in the fight to dismantle oppressive systems. It might be too much to ask, but dangit, I’m a dreamer.

  2. Ziff says:

    Hooray for a great year! I was just looking back over a bunch of your posts so I could make nominations for the Wheaties, and I was reminded of how many posts you’ve had that have made me think or made me laugh, and how many good discussions you’ve hosted. Thanks for all the hard work that went into it all!

  3. c7oscuro says:

    I was actually new this year too 🙂

  4. Violadiva says:

    I bet that search term is a really common thing people google. And it just so happens that we have a post with “virgin sex” in the title. I suppose if the google users click through to our post when looking for the other stuff, it might not be so bad…..
    how many hits does that post have?

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