2020 Year in Review

I know it’s officially 2021 today and we would all like to put 2020 completely behind us, but I’d like to take one more moment to look a how 2020 went here on our blog.

New this year:

The Exponent II Magazine got a new Editor in Chief. Welcome, Rachel Reuckert!

We had a couple of blog series this year: Coping With Covid, and The WHO Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Go take a peek back on those great posts. Our blog series are always on-going, so if you’d like to contribute to any of our series, submit a guest post!

We have had many new bloggers: Melissa Malcom-King, Katie Rich, Kaylee, Ramona Morris, Mindy Farmer, Aimee Hickman, and Bryn Brody. Check out their posts!

Top Posts of 2020

5. BYU, Randy Bott, and Racism by Abby Hansen

4. Let Me See if I’ve Got This Straight by Violadiva

3. Freedom of Religion under attack…again. by Em

2. Guest Post: At the Crossroads of Being Black and LDS by Dumdi Baribe Wallentine

  1. Guest Post: My Apology for My Complicity by Monika Crowfoot

Most Commented-on Posts of 2020

5. Guest Post: My Apology for My Complicity by Monika Crowfoot

4. Guest Post: Do You See Me? by Ramona Morris

3. The Eight Cow Wife: A Toxic Iconic Mormon Parable by Chiaroscuro

2. The (Male) Privilege of Partaking #CopingWithCOVID19 by Violadiva

  1. Performing #givethanks by Liz

There were a lot fewer comments this year, but that is probably because a lot of the conversation is happening in other forums, such as our Facebook group. Join us over there, subscribe to the Exponent II Magazine, follow us on Facebook, Instagram (also our art account!), Twitter, and Goodreads!

Let’s hope we can make 2021 better for everyone. Happy New Year!

Social Distancing, Maasai Mara
Used in accordance with CC BY 2.0


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