A Groundhog's Day Ode

to Punxsutawney Phil with great affection from Linda Hoffman Kimball
February 2, 2007

Oh, Phil of sun and shadows,
Oracle today,
You ventured out this morning
And prophesied our way.
What determines what you see,
Which way you cast your eyes?
How much depends on sunshine
Or cloud-infested skies?
If your shadow really fell
On Gobbler’s Knob today
But, alas, you didn’t see it,
Is Spring still on its way?
What if you saw a shadow,
But it was not your own?
Do you caucus with the top hats
Before the future’s known?
We who dance a pas de deux
With Faith and yet with Doubt,
Have fun with such Phil-osophy.
So, thanks for coming out!
Spring will get here sometime
To snow-encrusted earth.
Thank you, furry mouthpiece,
For bringing us this mirth!

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  1. Brooke says:

    Linda, you made me giggle. My favorite lines:
    “What if you saw a shadow,
    But it was not your own?”

    Your poem reminds me of Ogden Nash, whose poetry I so admire. You’ve inspired me to try a similar form, and have some fun doing it!

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