A Trans Blessing, part 2

Guest post by Victoria Hutchings, President of the Bay Area Chapter of Affirmation

Issac’s trans blessing was in good hands with my friend Kimberly leading, my only job was to find folx to fill out the circle. I sent out a bunch of invites and no bites. I procrastinated a bit and finally put up a Facebook post asking for volunteers.

My femme sister in law (actually my roomie/brother’s niece but whatever: queer family) volunteered her sweet husband Jack. But that was all. People were busy, or it was too far, or they rightly wanted nothing to do with anything even a little associated with mormonism.

But there was no way I wasn’t gonna do absolutely everything I could for Issac.

In last minute desperation I googled ‘how to unblock contact iphone’. I was going to do the unthinkable and call my lousy jerk of an ex husband, Ethan. We’d been a Liz and Richard- fights and jewelry and passion, and it had ended very badly. 5 years without speaking and having my heart recently broken even worse by someone else made me willing to reach out. He immediately said yes.

I was going to boldly mix my dyke drama with Heather’s Mormon drama.

He showed up early in his grandpa’s bolo tie, had a pile of feathers and stones he collected, books of poetry… his holy stuff. He talked about love, and blessed Issac that wherever zie was would always be the right, holy path. It was perfect.

Isaac's trans blessing

Seeing Ethan and Jack standing in that circle, melted a hardness I had been carrying around in my heart. It was a glimpse of a masculine divinity that doesn’t abandon and reject, is gentle and loving, that feels like a leather motorcycle jacket wrapping around you in a tight hug that lifts you off your feet a little. It was the first domino that fell into place that fall leading to me reconciling with another dude who really broke my heart: Heavenly Father.

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4 Responses

  1. Mormonish says:

    Such a beautiful story, for Isaac and for you. So many of us need healing moments like this. Thank you for sharing yours. <3

  2. Cardigan says:

    So wonderful. Thank you for sharing – and for your beautiful articulations about the meaning of the experience for you at the end.

  3. SarahJane says:

    Thank you. Touched my heart this morning.

  4. Andrew R. says:

    Thanks for part 2. It answers many of my questions.

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