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Welcome to the Exponent II blog!

We have begun this blog in an effort to support the Exponent II magazine, which for years has provided a forum for Mormon women to openly and compassionately share their diverse experiences with each other. Begun in 1974 in the midst of the women’s movement, this independent Mormon women’s magazine continues to feature personal essays which often highlight women’s concerns.

As the Exponent II website states, “The purpose of Exponent II is to provide a forum for Mormon women to share their life experiences in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. This exchange allows us to better understand each other and shape the direction of our lives. Our common bond is our connection to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our commitment to women. We publish Exponent II as a living history in celebration of the strength and diversity of women.”

Just as Exponent II frequently quoted and republished original articles from The Women’s Exponent, this blog will frequently feature seminal articles from the Exponent II. We hope that LDS women and Exponent II readers will share their insights and reactions so that we might empower each other through our diverse experiences.

About the contributors :

AmyB grew up in Utah Valley but now lives with her husband in New York City. She recently finished her Master’s degree in Music Therapy at NYU and works with emotionally disturbed children, which she finds sometimes heartbreaking and always fulfilling. She reads voraciously and is fascinated with human development. On matters of being Mormon, she is deeply struggling, but has great hope that whatever happens life will be beautiful.

Brooke lives in Southern CA with her husband and two children. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.

Dora lives in sunny Los Angeles. She works as a PICU RN, and spends the rest of her time passionately involved in lindy and blues dancing, literature, finding common ground, travelling and experimenting with new hobbies. Dora has been fascinated with feminism and the Exponent II since the southern California roundtable discussion.

Jana lives in Southern California with John, their 2 children, 2 cats, and two thousand books. She’s a PhD student in U.S. History and serves as a freecycle moderator, community garden treasurer, and in LDS public affairs. Jana’s alter ego is pilgrimgirl.

Caroline is a part-time high school teacher who is planning to start grad school (again) this fall. She enjoys listening to NPR, commenting on feminist blogs, and fantasizing about adopting more animals from shelters. She lives in Southern California with Mike, two rescued dogs, and toddler son.

Deborah grew up in Utah Valley and currently lives on the East Coast. When she was about thirteen, and having a love/hate affair with Young Women, she found Exponent II in the family library; the essays in the paper helped her feel more connected to her faith, and she’s been a faithful reader since. She has spent almost a decade teaching middle school, is married to a middle school educator, and hopes to soon pursue a doctorate in child/adolescent psychology (she really, really loves thirteen-year-olds).

Emily lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and son. She has a Masters in Theological Studies and is working on completing her requirements for becoming a certified hospital chaplain. Emily is interested in the Old Testament, womens’ religious experiences, cooking, and finding ways to get her baby to sleep through the night.


Jana is a university administrator and teaches History. Her soloblog is http://janaremy.com

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