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Poll: Trials

None of us are strangers to hardship. We all have and all will experience a form of difficulty in this life and struggle to find strength and comfort and meaning in suffering. For some...


Poll: Self Gratification

The topic of female sexuality is a sticky one. Historically seen as sexual objects but given little room to explore their own pleasure without being labeled, women have only recently been able to express...


Poll: College Major

The ages at which most of us spent our undergraduate years was a time of searching to figure out who we were and where we were going with our education. Some of us knew...



I’m a second soprano. I sing in an all women performance choir and I love it. I love expressing myself with my voice and music is the vehicle that allows me to do it...


Premier Poll

We’re excited to offer a new feature here at The Exponent! For all you readers out there that may desire to lend your voice to our community but aren’t quite sure how to start...


Which one are you?

I tried to think of something else – anything else – to write about for my first official post. But it kept coming back to this.

I went to the gym last night for the first time since having my last baby two months ago. One of the motivating factors that actually got me there was the need to clear my head. We’re blessing my son this coming Sunday, so it seemed appropriate to put some thought into how I feel about that and what it means to me. And I’m surprised by my thoughts.