Author: Jessawhy


Sacred Music: She Is Wisdom

When I heard earlier this year that the Heavenly Mother art contest was not receiving as many submissions as it had hoped, I decided to try my hand at writing lyrics for a hymn. ...


Survey for Carol Lynn Pearson

Dear Readers,  I’ve been working with my friend and respected Mormon poet, author, and playwright, Carol Lynn Pearson on a survey to gauge how people really feel about the idea of polygamy in the next...


Sacrament Meeting Talk on Faith . . . Crises

Over the last eight and a half years or so, I have been on quite the faith journey. My journey has included what is often referred to as a “faith crisis”, which crisis has been a huge trial and source of pain. It has not been an easy road, and it is certainly not one that I would recommend for anyone, However, I have learned a lot from my faith crisis and have gained knowledge, understanding, moments of peace and love, and perspectives that I would not have otherwise found. I have learned to be much less judgmental towards those who struggle or who I may disagree with.


Birth Series Intro- New Year’s Baby

When I tell someone my birthday is January 1st, I get one of two responses. A. “How exciting! You’re a New Year’s baby! Did you get money or gifts?” B. “How sad for your...


Mormon Women Bare

Despite the inconvenience of an 8 AM Sunstone session this past July, my friend Katrina Barker Anderson delivered a compelling and beautiful presentation about her recent art project, Mormon Women Bare.  If you haven’t...


How Big is Your Brave?

Being a Mormon Feminist, or nearly any kind of human, sometimes requires bravery. At the Sophia Gathering last June, a few friends showed me this  lyric video, based on the song Brave by Sara Bareilles....