Author: Miriam


Sacrament Meeting Talk: Personal Revelation

I often think that when my kids are grown they may choose a variety of paths for their lives – and that’s completely up to them. However, I hope that no matter what path they choose, that they can feel that love from God in their hearts.


Can we talk about doubts?

So here’s what I’ve decided (and perhaps this is a completely masochistic decision): but I’m going to keep expressing doubts in church meetings where that’s been traditionally uncommon. I’m hoping to change those traditions


Please, Breastfeed in Sacrament Meeting (or wherever you want)

When the baby was a couple months old I was nursing her in the church mother’s room along with far to many women for the tiny closet of a room to accommodate (women were on the floor). I came home and sent my bishop a super friendly email explaining the situation and asking if there was another room that could be made into the nursing room. He said he’d talk to the stake president and figure it out. The next week I walked in and someone had pushed the 2 rocking chairs against the wall so they couldn’t rock and put out folding chairs lined up right next to each other. The chairs were so close to each other that babies would kick each others heads if anyone tried actually nursing in those chairs. My first thought was, “I was so stupid for thinking that a simple email would solve this problem.” The bishop saw me in the hallway and told me he’d been told it had been taken care of. I explained how awful the solution was. The guy who had put the chairs in walked by feeling proud of himself and saying he’d fixed the problem. I told him the problem wasn’t fixed. He suggested women nurse in the bathroom or their cars. I cried. And I told the bishop, “Kate Kelly was just excommunicated for saying there is inequality in the church. This is that inequality. Women aren’t allowed to make decisions about the building so we’re stuck here.”