Believe Women

Read this fantastic post over at By Common Consent.

“Every generation is told they are the “chosen generation”. But I firmly believe this is what we were chosen for. In order for Christ to come again, men and women must truly be equal, especially in His church. He is the perfect example of that. He treated men and women with respect. He didn’t place them on pedestals. He listened to them. He wept with them. And then He got to work.”


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2 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! This talk is so powerful. Thanks for sharing it, Liz. And mad props to this woman in a YSA ward in UT for giving it over the pulpit. I wish it could be read in every ward!

  2. Tim Rollins says:

    I read this over at BCC. Outstanding talk that should be given at the Sunday Morning (Prime Time) session of General Conference in April.

    As a survivor of spousal abuse, I just LOVED how she was quick to acknowledge and understand that MEN are abuse victims as well.

    While the far majority of abusers are men — and scum like that abuse both me and women in equal measure — it’s especially egregious when the abuser wraps himself in the ‘habiliments (trappings) of the priesthood, and in the process, RUIN or otherwise annihilate it for all members, especially those afraid to stand up to predatory bullies within their midst.

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