#BlacklivesmattertoChrist and #keepsharingtheLDSmic actions


Today at 6pm the Black Lives Matter to Christ Facebook page will  be live streaming a Juneteenth Fireside. From the page, the founder offers this description: “Just a reminder that the Juneteenth Black Fireside is in 2 days! I’ve gotten this question a lot, but yes the fireside is open to everyone to watch! It will be a Black centered space, but anyone can watch. I hope that it will be fulfilling for the Black folks seeking community and healing & will push nonblack folks to emphasize with us and find various tangible ways to support our community that ultimately leads in the dismantling of white supremacy.”

She has also organized a letter-writing campaign to church leaders and a series of posts tagged with #blacklivesmattertoChrist on facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow the page and the tag to find out how to participate, amplify and support the action.

Another action, #keepsharingtheLDSmic is happening on Instagram to highlight the voices of Black LDS women speaking and sharing on the platforms of white LDS women, as inspired by the #sharethemicnow action that took place last week. Follow the tags #keepsharingthemic and #keepsharingtheLDSmic to see the posts and stories shared, share in your stories and follow their socials.

These two actions are good places to listen, learn, change and act.



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