Blessing for the Undernurtured Child Within

Dear Sister ______,

I give you a blessing for the undernurtured child inside. For too long you have clung to the lie that perfectionism would protect you. You let it tear at your self worth, buried in efforts to do more and be more, never satisfied with your own attempts. You thought if you were more perfect you would finally deserve love. But all along, you were loved and held. You were always worthy. You deserved to be protected and cherished. You can never convince the unloving to love you or the unapproving to approve. Do not make yourself invisible and small and silent. May you feel light as you let go of hustling. I release you from that armor.

You do not need to hide or redirect your ‘negative’ emotions. Do not bury them and ignore them, but instead listen to them, feel them, let them teach you where something is wrong and change it. If you feel angry, it’s okay. Anger is your teacher. It will show you things you need to know. Let yourself feel it and reach into it to discover the lesson. Find out its shape and texture, examine where it sits in your body. It will retreat when you are ready. If you’re hurting, it’s okay. Pain is also a teacher. It fades with time, you do not need to fear it. If you’re tired, it’s okay, please rest. I release you from constant vigilance and the weight of the world.  If you’re afraid, it’s okay. Reach into your deep knowing and reclaim your sovereignty. All of your feelings can help you recover and find wholeness as you make your own way. Give yourself grace and let it take the time it takes to recover from your trauma. You are capable of remaking your life.

Recognizing your human deficiency is not to make you ashamed and small. It is a gift to show you what you still need to let go of and what you need to embrace. Appreciate even your faults, for what they can teach you. I release you from envy, you can bless and celebrate other women in their growth and achievement. I bless you to tell your own story and bring hope and light to others. Speak in a way that gives life to yourself and others.

Your words speak powerful truths. Your eyes see majesty and beauty. Your hands work goodness. Your body is your holy of holies. Your life will mean what you make it mean, let your dreams run wild and free. Make time to develop your interests and abilities without apology. 

Who benefits when you don’t trust yourself and hand over your sovereignty? Who benefits if you despise your body and become preoccupied with checking imaginary boxes? When you see only faults and insufficiency?

Daughter you must own yourself. Love yourself as you would nurture your own small daughter. Eat of the best foods, drink to thirst, sleep to restfulness, remember to play hard and love warmly and freely like the sun. Follow your own soul’s longing for wholeness, nourish yourself with beauty, truth and goodness. Your self is worthy of trust. Take up your life and make of it what you will. Carry your safety and worthiness in that deep place inside.

In the name of love, these things are yours. So be it.


Chiaroscuro is a play of light and shadow. Finding noisy messy lovely life in all the shades between.

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3 Responses

  1. EmilyCC says:

    This is such a gift. Thank you for this blessing.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is manna for my soul and exactly of what I needed to be reminded. The blessing is real.

  3. This is beautiful and wise.

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