Book Review Series: The Cookie Companion, a Decorator’s Guide

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I grew up learning that royal icing is something so impossible to deal with, that only the Martha Stewarts of the world should dare attempt it. I am decidedly not Martha Stewart. In fact, growing up as a Young Woman, I would always make my best friend, Kate, do my piece as well as her’s whenever there was a craft planned for the weeknight activity. It was just going to be cuter that way, and she could whip up two crafts in the time it took the rest of us mere mortals to make one.

So I approached The Cookie Companion with a bit of trepidation. The cookies featured in this book are “ADORABLE” as my five-year old exclaimed when she saw the book, and I’ll admit to dreams of grandeur where I make up my own cookie bouquet as a thank you gift (do you know how expensive cookie bouquets are?!).

Author, Georganne Bell, starts off with the sentence, “Cookies are kind of fantastic.” That easy-going and enthusiastic tone goes on throughout the book, which is good because when it came time for me to tackle the dreaded royal icing, I was able to stop and take a deep breath, channeling her wise words, “Getting the right consistency of icing before you start decorating will be the difference between things ending in tears and ice cream pity parties—and cookies that make you so proud you can’t help but throw open your door and show them to the world.”

As a novice cookie decorator (and by novice, I mean I had to watch a couple YouTube videos to figure out how to set up the frosting bags. Couplers! Who knew?!), I appreciated Georganne’s thorough explanations and taking the time to explain the different icing extensive how to’s and breaking down icing types into four categories really helpful.

I loved her guide on mixing colors and I especially love how she provides a range of color palettes—cookie bouquets here I come!

how to examples
I was hoping I could just look up the sections I wanted tutorials on, and I think for someone who has some experience with decorating cookies with royal icing, the organization of the book, which is a relatively short introduction and then, information on various topics from freezing to using a scriber (and explaining what a scriber is!), are in alphabetical order.

I soon realized I would need to read the whole thing before trying my hand at this decorating thing, and it was a quick and enjoyable read.

But, let’s get serious…one of the reasons I’ve never really gone to the icing step is that I think the cookie is the most important part of the project. Georganne provides three recipes: chocolate sugar cookies, vanilla sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. I confess I ran out of time to make the gingerbread, but the chocolate and vanilla are delicious, and the dough doesn’t need to chill, though she provides instructions on how much flour to add if you are going to chill the dough. Best of all the dough is dreamy to work with!

advanced techniquesMy former favorite sugar cookie recipe required me to roll out, cut and transfer the cookies onto a cookie sheet. My kids were able to do this. So nice!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t brave enough to make my own royal icing (yet) and opted to buy royal icing mix at my local cake decorating store. I would recommend that for novices like myself. You’ll need your internal Georganne cheering you on while you mix colors and work on getting the right consistency.

My kids and I are planning on making more cookies this holiday weekend…I would highly recommend this book for novice decorators like me or more advanced people who want to learn techniques like brush embroidery, painting and stenciling.

And, did you say you wanted to see my first attempt? It’s not much, but without Georganne’s help (I look forward to seeing more of her work on her growing blog, Lila Loa), I wouldn’t have even attempted this.

cookies final

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12 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve always been a little jealous of my friends to whom being crafty comes so easily and naturally. It definitely doesn’t to me!

    But it sounds like this book makes cookie decorating approachable enough I might give it another try. I’m sure my kids will be thrilled to help out, and to eat the fruits of our labors, whether or not they turn out ‘just right.’ Thanks!

  2. ElleK says:

    I’m impressed! I’m a good cook, but I’m not good at making my food look “cute.” I could use an encouraging book like this!

  3. spunky says:

    This book so fun– and who doesn’t need another recipe for sugar cookies? Thanks for the review, Emily!

  4. Arja says:

    Always enjoy and loved your cookies, this book looks great, lovely and verry nice.I give it a try, hoping it can trough the Netherlands xx

  5. Sandy says:

    I have just started cookie decorating and am looking forward to getting this book. It is on my Christmas wish list. I follow Lila Loa’s blog and she is amazing, so I absolutely can’t wait to get the book. If Santa doesn’t bring it, I will be buying it for sure. Thank you so much for the review.

    Sandy Texiera

  6. Sarah Hallford says:

    So excited to get my hands on this book once all of my Christmas presents for others are bought!

  7. Liz says:

    I’m so impressed!! I am also somewhat of a craft dud, but I aspire to beautiful cookies. This looks fantastic.

  8. Lori says:

    I’ve loved your website and am thrilled that you’ve written a book. I’m in Canada so I’ll be looking for your book here or when I head south at Christmas. The reviews I’ve read sound super enthusiastic about your layout and suggestions.

  9. Yoli Idos says:

    I’m in love with this book. I carry it with me at all times, like the name on the book: The Cookie Companion 🙂
    A lot of good information for beginners and advanced. I specially love the color chart.

  10. Rayette Mungaven says:

    I can’t wait to get this book! The color charts and help with cookie cutters will be of most interest. Congrats Georgianne!

  11. Kari says:

    I too struggle with making my baked creations look cute. The world of Pinterest makes me want to do better. In glad the dough is easy to work with. This looks like a fun book.

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