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Rocky Mountain Retreat

From Paula . . . (sounds like a great time!!) Save the Date 2008 Rocky Mountain Retreat for LDS Women, May 30th – June 1, 2008 Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies Featured...


President Hinckley Passes

According to a recent DeseretNews update, President Hinckley passed away at 7 pm tonite. Perhaps you can each share your stories about the prophet and how he impacted your life.


Another AZ Bloggersnacker!

Here’s the place we’re doing it. (warning: Put your computer on “Mute.” The site plays about 4 measures of music over and over and over again) Here’s the link at FMH for more details....


Romney and Exponent II

Peggy Fletcher Stack has an intriguing article on “Bishop” Romney today, including the following: Not everyone shared that positive view of Romney. Though somewhat progressive in his approach, Romney was still a product of...


worth a thousand words

In the past year or so, photography has become an important artistic medium for me. Through my photos I share a lot about my life and the way I “see things.” Many of my...


The Postcard Poem Challenge

When: December 1st-31st Where: at Postcard Poems And here’s how it will work. Every day during the month of December, I will make sure there is a post up. This post may contain a...