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Embracing My Own Spiritual Authority

September 2014. I am 8 months pregnant and feeling simultaneously vulnerable and brave. Kate Kelly’s words after her excommunication in June keep coming to me: “Don’t leave. Stay, and make things better.” (Reaction to Kate Kelly’s Excommunication ~ Ordain...


Follow the Prophet?

Sacrament meeting in the local Mormon congregation focused on “Following the Prophet” on Sunday, which feels appropriate, as I’ve pondered this concept quite a bit recently. A tension exists in Mormonism between a deep...


When Wandering is Seeking

When Wandering is Seeking Straight.Narrow. Do not veer! But I cannot feel my Motherthrough the rigid asphalt. She is soft, colorful inviting. And forgiving when I stumble. Must I stay on the covenant path?...


A Little Bit of Therapy

This world is hard. Beautiful, and awesome, and heartbreakingly magnificent, but also incredibly damaging to our souls. Every day, little things break us down and tear us to pieces. Any tool that helps us keep it all together, that creates peace inside so we can share ourselves with others, well, that seems to me to be a worthy practice, and divinely appointed.


Family Home Evening: Discussion of Amanda Gorman’s Poem, “The Hill We Climb”

As Ms. Gorman’s poem focuses on unity and inclusivity, this lesson outline is meant to include all sorts of families that might gather together for a lesson, whether they be Mormon or not, friends who become family, American or not, and is meant to include all ages who want to feel the Spirit through the emotions that are stirred during the reading of “The Hill We Climb.” Please take what is helpful and provide your own suggestions for a more robust lesson in the comments.


Lady MacFacebook

In Shakspeare’s MacBeth, Lady MacBeth’s “Unsex me” soliloquy has always intrigued me. As a high school student reading this speech, I wondered if there was something -outside of religion, of course- in my female...