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Image of a red rock face that is textured and pitted. 3

Love, who never fails

I will hold you gentlySqueeze your arm with warmthAnd remind you of your belonging.Together we will reach out andTouch that ancient stoneAnchoring self and communityTrace its hard and unseen edgesFeel our names forever etchedOn...


What Does Active Mean Anyway?

Recently in a conversation a person I was talking with stated somewhat jokingly that whether or not I consider myself ‘active’ in the church probably changes from day-to-day. The comment caught me off guard...


Guest Post: Nakedness Is Next to Godliness

Guest post by Mikaela. Mikaela is a lover of many things, including family, friends, animals, and most especially lively conversation. A professional loud mouth with no filter, she spent too many decades thinking she...