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Comfort is NOT of the Spirit

As a rebellious member of the LDS blogger community, I knew that it was impossible to avoid this conversation. After dealing with several racist encountersboth in person and online, I have recognized that being silent is simply a comfortable compliance with not being willing to be deemed difficult and rebellious.


Floral Handkerchiefs

I was a tomboy as a kid. If there was a tree, I climbed it. If there was a bug, I caught it. I kept snails as pets. I was practically allergic to pink,...


5 Ways Improve Primary

When sacrament meeting ends, what’s the first thing most adults do? Begin chatting. Sure; adults attend church for spiritual enrichment, but they also want to do more than sit and listen. We crave socialization,...


Not A Victim

V- is- for- victim that’s good enough for meV- is- for victim that’s good enough for meV- is for victim that’s good enough for meVictim… Victim… VictimStarts with V(sung in the key of C-is...