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The Many Faces of Mormon Feminism: The 2nd Wave

Below is my take on 2nd Wave Mormon feminism, much of it based on Hanks’ volume Women and Authority. If you have more to contribute, or anything to amend, please do! After women received...


Mormon Feminists: OxyMormons?

With the current focus on Mormon women on some blogs, and recent, um, rather intense discussions about feminism, I’d like to visit an essay entitled “Border Crossings”(which was originally going to be entitled “Confessions...


Are you a feminist?

For your enjoyment: A short film with on-the-street interviews about feminism.


Radical Mormon Feminist Manifesto

I really like the ideas that Caroline and others have recently proposed. Such feminist assertions are heartening, and are evidence of a growing activist consciousness that’s quite encouraging. I’d like to take this one...


The Meaning of Womanhood

This year, I am planning to dedicate a significant portion of my reading and personal study time to exploring feminism and spirituality. I call myself a feminist, but I think I could be more...


Musings on Music

When I was twelve years old, my grandmother gave me a very special gift for Christmas. It is still one of my prized possessions— a copy of Latter-Day Saint Hymns, the first LDS hymnbook...

A Visit to Seneca Falls

Standing in an open air chapel, with only two brick walls and remnants of a wood roof left as evidence of its existence, I had a profound feeling that I was on sacred ground....


The Limit of Words

I participated in initiatories for our ward’s temple assignment last night. I’ve always loved this whole-bodied offering where every part of us is anointed to get about the task of God’s good work on...