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By any other name

What it boils down to is this: they ran out of ideas. I’m the youngest of six kids, and my parents had simply used up all the names they could think of.


The New Mormon Feminism

Mormon feminism has had a big year.  After being pronounced all but dead, it has been thrilling to see this renaissance take place in such a short period of time. The year started with...


A Husband’s Perspective on Mormon Feminism

Guest post by Jessawhy‘s husband, Markawhy About a year ago my wife, Jessawhy, and I were discussing some of the finer points of Mormon feminism with MRaynes and her husband.  Actually, the three of...


Why Girls Hate Boys

Today’s conversation with my nearly 8 year old son: Me:  Let’s invite Taven to your birthday party. Son: No, Mom. Don’t you know I have a huge crush on her? Me: Well, yes.  That’s...


An Ideal Husband

Last week I read an obituary for Martin D. Ginsburg, the husband of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Several things struck me about this obituary; first, he was referred to as a “Supreme Court Spouse”. How...


The Sarah Palin Symbol

This is a Sarah Palin post… Are you still reading? Lest anyone be confused, this is not a post where I glorify the former vice-presidential candidate. I, like most feminists, can’t stand Sarah Palin....


Exponent II is Back!

Today, Exponent II has two big announcements!  We are unveiling our exciting new webdesign, lovingly created by our Exponent sister of many hats, Jana.  And, we’re thrilled to publish our first issue since Winter 2009. Our latest issue is available for...



If there is one thing everybody knows about the Boy Scouts of America it is that they earn badges. As members of the church one could (if they were so inclined) make all sorts...