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What is Women's Liberation?

The current issue of What is Enlightenment? magazine is devoted to an “a cultural, philosophical and spiritual exploration” of Woman. In one featured article, the author posed a question to a wide spectrum of...


the goods.

i am thinking about proverbs 3 (a favorite chapter of mine). verse 27, specifically the lines: ‘withhold[ing] not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine...


What's Fair?

Life isn’t fair. My mother frequently reminded me of this fact while I was growing up. There was one particular event in high school that seemed dramatically unfair to me, so much so that...


The Many Faces of Mormon Feminism: The 2nd Wave

Below is my take on 2nd Wave Mormon feminism, much of it based on Hanks’ volume Women and Authority. If you have more to contribute, or anything to amend, please do! After women received...


Mormon Feminists: OxyMormons?

With the current focus on Mormon women on some blogs, and recent, um, rather intense discussions about feminism, I’d like to visit an essay entitled “Border Crossings”(which was originally going to be entitled “Confessions...


Are you a feminist?

For your enjoyment: A short film with on-the-street interviews about feminism.


Radical Mormon Feminist Manifesto

I really like the ideas that Caroline and others have recently proposed. Such feminist assertions are heartening, and are evidence of a growing activist consciousness that’s quite encouraging. I’d like to take this one...