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#hearLDSwomen: I Had to Redo a Disciplinary Council for a Sin I’d Repented for Years Ago Even Though I Told My Bishop I’d Already Repented and Had Held a Temple Recommend for Years

I was married to an (inactive) priesthood holder who was abusive on many levels. I went to one bishop for help was told “If it was really that bad, you would’ve already left.” I...


We Are Not All Mothers

So often at church, womanhood and motherhood are seen as synonyms. There’s no concept of a woman who is not a mother. The concept of a non-mother woman is so foreign that people feel...


She Is. Like A River.

Experiencing Her while rafting the Salmon River, during the Holy Week of the Feminine Divine, July 22, 2019. Some say, Yes, she is there. Protected Silent Fertile Giving life only In confinement. Man-made confinement....