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The Confession

By Elisabeth For my first post (hi!), I’d like to continue the discussion started by Jessawhy’s excellent post about the appropriate role for confession of sexual sins in Church, particularly regarding young adults.


the intentionally empty womb

by G The painting shown here is one I did just before I got intentionally pregnant with our son. I found myself using art making to process some of the ambiguity I felt about...


love and marriage (and spouses who change)

by G Several years ago Elder David Bednar gave a devotional address at BYU where he recounted this story: “Sister Bednar and I are acquainted with a returned missionary who had dated a special...


The 19th Wife: A Book Review

by AmyB A work of historical fiction interwoven with present-day mystery, The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff makes a timely debut in the era of HBO’s Big Love and the media frenzy surrounding Warren...


Confessions of a Barbie Lover

by Heather Kids, like adults, cycle through their toys. My son phased through dinosaurs, superheros, Star Wars. And though he won’t admit it, he still loves his glow-in-the dark light saber (ah, boys and...


From Mother to Daughter

By: mraynes I will be giving birth to my second child in a matter of days.  Along with the overwhelming joy I feel at having another little person to love and, of course, finally...


A different glimpse of parenting

Posted by Dora During my childhood, my parents operated within a very traditional framework. My father worked … a lot. My mother stayed at home with the children, doing the physical and emotional nurturing...


What Mary Kay Women Know

by mraynes I sat through a two hour Mary Kay sales pitch a couple of Saturdays ago.  This is not my usual choice of weekend activities but I was cajoled into going under false pretenses.  You...