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Sacred Music Sunday: Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

Back when I was the ward music chair, I tried to pick hymns that were seasonally appropriate. Christmas and Easter were easy. Other times of the year were harder. I would scour the calendar...


To Be Lawful or Good

In Dungeons and Dragons, the characters in the game can have one of nine different alignments that indicate the character’s orientation toward law vs chaos on one axis and good vs evil on the...


Finding Mary

TW: birth experience Did she scream? It bothers me, the way we see Mary after the birth, immaculate blue robe, beatific smile, her perky breast that never knew stretchmarks pointing toward heaven. Clean her...


Comfort is NOT of the Spirit

As a rebellious member of the LDS blogger community, I knew that it was impossible to avoid this conversation. After dealing with several racist encountersboth in person and online, I have recognized that being silent is simply a comfortable compliance with not being willing to be deemed difficult and rebellious.