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Come, Let Us Anew

I think it’s fairly safe to say that for the overwhelming majority of people, 2020 was a pretty terrible year. As the year drew to a close, many people, myself included, were excited for...

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An anxious faith

By Emily Larson One thing I haven’t missed one bit about this pandemic is attending church.  Our church services shut down fairly early into the pandemic, and for a while, we were simply encouraged...


Dear Believer

Dear Believer, I know it sometimes feels like you don’t know me anymore and that can be disorienting. I feel very much like the same person but I realize that in one very important...


Hope in Lament

This longing for justice, I realized afterward, was hope. It wasn’t a smiley feeling that everything was going to be all right but an overwhelming desire for things to be different from what they are.


Essay Prompt

  I am helping my niece with her college applications. This was not an obvious assignment. We did not know each other well before this new partnership. Her father, my brother, is much younger...