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A blessing for those who lost a loved one to suicide

We tend to name GodWith easy labelsCreatorFather MotherGod is also a God of ExitsA witness to injusticeA divine companion in sufferingGod-who-weepsGod-who-sits-with-us-in-our-griefGod who holds us in our life-and-deathGod of messy complicationGod of unyielding sadness.Yes, I...


Walking with Anger

I recently read John Gustav-Wrathall’s blog post about being angry with the church – until he wasn’t. The part that stood out to me was his call to members to walk with those who...


Guest Post: Legacy

By Brittany Long Olsen Last year, I moved from Utah to England, and it struck me that some of my ancestors made the reverse trip about 175 years ago. Looking at a statue in...