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Abstract book cover for the book "The Book of Mormon For the Least of These: 1 Nephi - Word of Mormon by Fatimah Salleh with Margaret Olsen Hemming." 1

Book Review: The Book of Mormon for the Least of These

Whether we believe in the historicity of the Book of Mormon or see it as a collection of stories composed in the nineteenth century, Fatimah and Margaret invite us to use our scriptural imaginations to get curious about the text and open it up to bigger conversations about faith, community, and God.


Three-Centered Awareness

Three-Centered Awareness is a pathway to be more awake, aware and present.  The goal is to be balanced within oneself and allow all of one’s inherent resources to be available. The concept was taught...


Baptism, Buddha, and Eternal Bonds

My oldest child was baptized a year ago. It was a decision I struggled with the year leading up to the occasion. Having been “Mormon” in every sense of the cultural word my whole...